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About World Food Aid

Hunger – together we can end it

Some organisations estimate that one child dies every ten seconds from hunger. Hunger is an enormous, but entirely preventable problem.

World Food Aid is on a mission to tackle the global hunger crisis by supporting sustainable solutions that enable individuals and their communities to live healthy and fulfilling lives. Our mission is to work in partnership with communities and organisations around the world to safeguard and promote an individual’s right to food as a fundamental human right.

We envision a world where every man, woman and child leads a healthy and fulfilling life without having to worry about how to put food on the table. Our values are reflected in the work we do. We understand that the hunger crisis cannot be eradicated simply by donating food, but also appreciate there is a place for emergency food, while tackling the greater, bigger, fundamental issues that keep people trapped in poverty.

We work with partners who share the same vision as us – organisations that believe in restoring a community’s financial independence, so they can look after their families and live with dignity – the belief that the ability to work and acquire skills is of greater benefit than one-off handouts.

World Food Aid Founder & Trustee, Harry Dulai

About Harry Dulai, World Food Aid Founder
World Food Aid was founded by the highly successful entrepreneur Harry Dulai – Managing Director of leading, UK-based world food specialists, Surya Foods.

Working in an industry in which his day to day job involves dealing with an abundance of food, but acutely aware of the devastation hunger causes from his Indian roots – the issue of hunger has long been a cause close to the entrepreneur’s heart. After gaining significant influence in the ethnic sector, Harry’s aim is to use his privileged position for the power of good.

In addition to galvanising his industry to raise vital funds, he is particularly concerned about food wastage and setting up simple mechanisms for large food producers to donate stock to redistribution centres.

He is also using his position in the industry to encourage other important influencers to come out in support of the worldwide movement to end hunger and create the necessary momentum to inspire change.