Thank you for buying a product from our new Laila ready to cook range. This range is aimed at helping you make authentic and tasty Indian food in minutes while, simultaneously, enabling you to ‘gift a meal’ to someone in need.

For every pack you buy, Laila will donate a meal to World Food Aid to support underprivileged families and communities in India.

Why Gift a Meal?

“Hunger is an entirely preventable pandemic and together we have the power to end it in our generation – we just need to choose to make this a universal goal.”

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 2 aims to ‘End hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture.’

Laila foods is proud to launch its ‘Buy a meal, gift a meal’ campaign in solidarity with this aim.

In India around 84 million people live in extreme poverty – around 6% of India’s total population as of May 2021. India ranks 101 out of the 116 countries on the Global Hunger Index 2021 with a level of hunger that is classified as serious.

About Laila Foods

Laila, known for its quality and authenticity, is one of the UK’s leading ethnic food brands. Established in 1996, to bring high quality basmati rice to a discerning rice-eating Asian community in the UK, the Laila range has expanded rapidly over the last three decades.

The Laila rice range now features an extensive line up of popular rice varieties from around the world, as well as classic store cupboard staples spanning flours, pulses, grains, ghee, pickles, spices and curry pastes.

Laila’s traditional basmati is one of the UK’s best-selling rice brands.

Our latest initiative – BUY A MEAL, GIFT A MEAL

Laila is proud to be working with World Food Aid (Charity Number: 1148371) to donate a meal to families and individuals living in poverty in India with every purchase. So every time you enjoy a product from our delicious Laila ready to cook range, you are also gifting a meal to someone in need.

World Food Aid is working with its distribution partners in India to deliver the initiative.